Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]


Oh my god I have to pee but my roommates are fighting hardcore

There is a way to acknowledge that all girls deserve to love their bodies and not feel ashamed of them, that “real men love curves” is bullshit (who cares about men), while also understanding that women with fat bodies are more likely to be shamed for them, laughed at, policed, degraded, and not taken seriously at all in the media or real life than women with thin bodies


There is a way to acknowledge that ~all at once~


"what’s the most difficult thing about playing a gay character"

what are they expecting the actor to say?????? i’T S SO HARd it hurts my bIG HETerOSEXUal EGO i have to think about sTRAIGHT thoughts for days after just to get the gaY OUT of mY little HETERO head 


I think vladamir putin looks like max from max & ruby


Happy Labor Day! remember, you work all year for it!

Anonymous asked: Hey. I'm really interested in applying to UCF. Is it hard to make friends there?


I had the same question when I first came to UCF. I was pretty worried my first night here, looking at all the events, wondering if I’d look weird if I went to them by myself.

My first week I decided to get really active in College Democrats, my first day, really. I went to the first meeting, got registered to vote, and met a lot of friendly people who talked to me, exchanged numbers with me, etc.

So if you’re worried about making friends, I definitely recommend getting involved with some sort of club that matches your interests. It’s way easier to find friends there then say, homecoming, or any of the back to school events. My first week I was hanging out with people and felt right at home. 

Also, people at UCF are way nice. It’s very relaxed, so you have that going for you. I hope this helps!